Which place in Singapore is most visited?

To understand Singapore it is necessary to understand that it is an extension of a man’s intellect, dream and race. The man was Lee Kuan Yew, the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore. Yes, it is true that the people of Singapore helped him in his work. It is interesting to think about what would have happened to Singapore if Lee Kuan Yew, a prominent man of his century, had not come.Lee Kwan Yoo is Nonya. That is, you can get Malaysian and Chinese heritage. He was born in 1923 and served as Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990. During his reign, as a simple statement, Singapore rose from the backwaters to become the most prosperous country in Southeast Asia.
Lee Kuan Yew went to the University of Cambridge, where he first received a double star. It is not something to be shared with rations. He became a legal lawyer and joined the English Law Bar Association but returned to Singapore to work as a socialist committed to the trade unions.

In 1963, Lee added Singapore to the newly created Malaysian Conference. This caused all sorts of problems. In Singapore, 75% of PAP members are Chinese and there was a lot of tension between Chinese and Malays. Ethnic riots erupted in Singapore, and in 1965 Lee Kuan Yew was told by his Malaysian allies that the federal government should withdraw from the Singapore Conference.Lee Kuan Yew became the first Prime Minister of Singapore to secede and become a sovereign state. It is fair to say that Lee Kuan Yew brought honest and efficient administration and spectacular prosperity to Singapore, perhaps instead of a soft-spoken government that violated civil liberties. In November 1990, Lee Kuan Yew resigned as Prime Minister. It is sad that such a great man, who did not believe in the power of inheritance, named his sons in this way. It does not affect the tourist. Affects the future of Singapore.

Singapore is not such a big place. It is located 137 km north of the equator at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. The main part is the island of Singapore, which has about 60 very small islands. The main island, Malaysia, is connected to the peninsula by roads and carriages that connect the Johor Strait.
Singapore does not depend on tourism for its livelihood. It is the largest port in Southeast Asia and the busiest port in the world. Singapore is not just a small island. It is also a very flat island. Most of it is less than 15 meters above sea level and its highest point is Tima Hill. It rises to 162 meters.Singapore is located near the equator and in the monsoon zone. The average monthly temperature varies from 27 degrees in June to 25 degrees in January and is not noticeable. The wettest time of the year is November-March and the lowest season is from May to September. It’s not that there’s much difference. It rains everywhere in the island every day of the year. That’s why it’s so green. Do not let the rain bother you. At constant hot temperatures it dries very quickly.

The original is no longer left in Singapore. There are a number of protected evergreen rainforests around the catchment area, and some mangrove vegetation remains intact in the Cronje area to the northwest of the island, but otherwise everything is cultivated in one way or another. The city is located in the south of the island, but in reality, much of the island of Singapore has been rebuilt. There was a time when all the old buildings in Singapore seemed to be demolished and new glowing skies appeared. Eventually a penny fell and the government decided it was not a bad idea to renovate the old common Chinese housing store instead of demolishing it. Part of the business was to keep the Raffles Hotel running on its old facilities but with a new style.However, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) has changed the face of Singapore forever, with HDB hosting about four-fifths of the population in new cities and developments located in high-rise apartments. About three-quarters of Singapore’s population is Chinese, followed by Malays and one-third Indians.

But it does not break easily. About half of the Chinese are originally from Fukuoka and speak Amoi. One-third are in Swatov and speak Teachu, and most of the rest are Cantonese. Although the written Chinese are a unifying force, they are three different dialects that not everyone can understand.Malays are practically a group, although some of them speak Indonesian dialects, although very similar to Malay, there are some differences in vocabulary. The greatest of all Indians is their blend. Most are Tamils ​​but there are also Malays and Sikhs as well as Pakistanis and Sinhalese. There are four official languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Although not officially recognized, there is a fifth section that differs enough to be the subject of various academic articles. This is the Singapore language and is the English version of Singapore itself.

Contains words and grammar in all Singapore languages. Therefore, “it should be so, la” is a firm statement and “what to do now, la?” It is an expression of helplessness in the face of fate. It is a fascinating and expressive language based entirely on English. If you speak English, you will never have a language problem in Singapore. Singapore is a uniquely pleasant place to visit. It is the best destination for anyone to visit Asia for the first time.
No one is less likely to be robbed in Singapore. If so, the local police will take heaven and earth to satisfy the unfortunate criminal and return his goods.Roads are clean – give up a bus ticket, you’ll probably get fined. Road crossings are safe – walk carefree, your wallet will be light again. Roadside food stalls are the cleanest in the world. No one in Singapore gets a gypsy belly. The developers are something else again. Sadly, like developers around the world, their motto is “Nothing more than excess”. Almost everything old, valuable and interesting fell under the rubble. Singapore finally saw its madness and some parts of old Singapore can still be found.

The Office of Tourism Promotion is running a flood, a flood, and a pamphlet flooding telling the wonders of the city state. But he goes crazy on the mark of any criticism. Despite this nonsense, Singapore is a very attractive place to visit. people. Singaporeans are cheerful, intelligent and friendly. They happily serve you at restaurants.Singapore never wants to run a polite business. Its people are the most polite and warm in Asia. In part, this has something to do with racial mixing. Singapore, Malay, different types of Chinese, Tamils ​​and Europeans create the most striking ethnic unity. This unity extends to the viewer. In Singapore, I promise you people would love to keep you as their honored guest.Almost all of Singapore’s attractions are man – made and of relatively recent origin. It’s amazing that this small flat island has so many things designed to entertain the visitor. What are the main attractions in Singapore? This is my list. Your things will change a lot.Meals. You can get stupid with 100 different dishes and not scratch the surface of Singapore yet.

In my own opinion, after spending a lifetime in the area, Singaporean food could be the best food in Asia because of its wide range.You can dine very cheaply if you stay in the crowded outdoor restaurants. Everything is clean and tidy and Ambrosia serves at discounted prices. The first place to try is the Satte Club at Elizabeth Walk and then make your own discoveries.Jurong Bird Park. When I do business in Singapore, I guarantee that I will have half a day off to sit alone at the Jurong Bird Park. This is the largest aviary in the world. What they have done is pull a net out of a valley so that there is a waterfall in a place where the aviary can be seen. Provides balm to the soul.
See offshore islands. It’s easy to think of Singapore as a diamond – shaped island, as it appears on many maps. Of course, there are a few small islands you can visit.

Boats can be rented from Clifford Pier across the street from Change Alley. In the islands you will find older and more peaceful Singapore. The Stamford Raffles, which started the place, will feel at home.Visit Tiger Balm Park. This place is truly ridiculous, but the most fun nonsense. It is full of statues, grottos and buildings. As I understand it, they are meant to give you an idea of ​​what Taoism is like in heaven and hell. By the way, Tiger Balm, which funded the construction of this place, cures any ailments you may have.Live a life of luxury in a luxury hotel. My theory is that local talkies, millionaires, have tried to outdo themselves in building hotels. The result is that you are staying in a hotel in Singapore with appointments and services that you cannot afford anywhere else in the world. Spend time in one of the many parks. My favorite thing is the Japanese garden, back in Jurong. A well-designed Japanese garden always gives me a special peace. This is definitely the best Japanese garden outside of Japan.

So it continues. The average visitor spends 3.7 days in Singapore, enough time to get acquainted with the place, shopping, and to make instant but lasting friendships with Singaporeans. Then you can cross the sea route to Malaysia. This is where real Asia begins. Singapore is just a preview. For a first-time guest, it’s hard to think of a better introduction.

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