What motivates people to choose villas for their vacations? Peace, tranquility, total privacy and staying on the losing road are the main reasons. The villas are located in the villages and have a beautiful natural landscape around them. These trends were linked to Bali in the late 90s.

The 1997 financial crisis affected the entire Asia-Pacific region: people did not want to spend money. But Bali had a small construction boom. This was largely due to a local market, which saw the island as a safe haven, where people moved their businesses and families to buy land and build them.

In this sense, the financial crisis contributed to the opening of the business of the villas. The environment built by Bali is changing. From rooftop gardens such as the concrete condominium to the quiet and small villas with a natural and pleasant environment. The concept really became popular in the late 1990s, when they had their own plumbing facilities and other amenities with a boutique style based on private accommodation.

I worked as a travel guide for many years in Bali and many visitors asked me about places that offer a feeling of calm and complete privacy for a very relaxing holiday. I walked around and looked around the island to find a resort or villa that would suit my guests’ wishes. I found that the beautiful resorts or villas are located in the countryside or on the coast.

During the 80s and 90s, many people took the opportunity to develop the tourism industry and the real estate business grew. Many hotels and villas have been built and one of the best resorts is Santi Mandala Resort & Spa.

The Santi Mandala Resort & Spa is located in a secluded place on the banks of the Panariga River and is a testament to the peaceful retreat in the natural environment of Batuan, just 45 minutes drive from Ubud, the city of Bali and the Bali Intel Airport . Using many local materials such as stone, soft cloth, precious wood, bamboo and alang alang (the most popular lawn for roof construction), it combines traditional Balinese architecture and international comforts. There is a good reason why grass roofs are a favorite material. Keeps the tropical heat soft (stone tiles) nonexistent. It also provides excellent protection against tropical floods, which is common during the rainy season.

You will be impressed by the luxurious bathroom, but the Balinese style and the marble floor. All luxury villas (Garden Villas, Jacuzzi Villas and Private Pool Villas) have private entrance and gardens and air conditioning, refrigerator, hot and cold water, IDD telephone lines, satellite television, private VCD and CD player, radio and cassette Music, private mini bar. Room service and complimentary seasonal fruits are provided in the room or by the pool with a daily tea service upon arrival.

Guests can enjoy the restaurant, the swimming pool, the laundry and dry cleaning, the 24-hour call to the doctor, the shuttle service to the Ubud Center, the money changer, the rental car, the shop and art gallery In the morning, the library, the open platform Leela Mandala, the Saba Mandala meeting room and Dirga Sauka Spa. Jogging and following up, cycling, yoga and meditation, resorts as a wedding planner.

A few years ago, I brought hundreds of visitors to the Santi Mandala Resort & Spa and left Bali with a very memorable vacation.

Is it safe to travel to Bali?

Millions of tourists visit Bali every year to enjoy happy, healthy and safe trips and play with the internal and external brightness that you can only get on the tour. But of course, as with any country on earth, you must know the dangers of Bali before leaving.

We have been to Bali several times and have experienced many of these disasters for the first time. On our first trip, we both had dengue fever and sincerely stinks. On the last day of our two-year bike tour, we were fired by a careless driver near Ubud! We were in Bali because of the worst earthquakes of 2018.

Security advice

The key is to avoid being an easy target for thieves. Do not loosen the phone with one hand while walking, and do not hold the camera with one hand while driving in busy areas.

If I had to check my map with my phone while I was busy, I would normally be at the door or at least in the street.

Ugs in Bali

Buying and using drugs in Bali is not safe, right? The drug laws in Indonesia are very strict and deserve to be neglected. When you walk down the street, they present you with illegal substances.

The only sure (and smart) answer is a smile and a polite “No, thanks.” Traps and rings are common in Bali for drug buyers. You don’t know what drugs they are buying.

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