What country owns Macau?

A failed or abandoned city comes to mind as you walk through Macau during the day. Around the border of the islands, the doors of modern buildings never seem to open. Hoteliers reluctantly tend to be patrons: public parks are empty, roads are full of tire tracks, and silence is everywhere, except for rumors of isolation through containers. Up and up the hill, cracked and uneven roads run to meet next, with weeds added to the concrete that falls on the gray walls. Blurred fences sway uncontrollably around the crazy sidewalk basketball court, and graffiti adds color to the dark background in a different way.

When and during the Portuguese rule the place was given a number of amazing buildings and in fact Macau was the first European settlement in the East. The Portuguese overtook the Dutch and the British by hair. Years later, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malacca followed in the footsteps of Britain, the Dutch, and other nations established in the eastern part of Asia, but initially ruled by the Macau cock. The Dutch made as many attempts to capture the islands as the Spanish and the British did once or twice. Macau became the jewel of the award, and Portugal has always been in control, abandoning it after returning it to Chinese mainland in 1999.
China now controls Macau as RAE. This means a special administrative zone, which is primarily governed by the mainland Chinese policy of “one rule, two systems”. Macau is largely governed, and lives by its own rules, but belongs to China regardless of how it works or how it works.

Today it is a small paradise steeped in history and culture. Centuries-old structures now compete for space between the poorly constructed brick houses of the twentieth century and the modern glass offices that reach to the sky. The large Scottish-era stone office sits gracefully and firmly between the sloping steel-beam towers: gray stone cracks, orange brick and slate roofs still block water Tin plates failed long ago.

The new roads run along the coastline in gentle patterns, passing through long impressive bridges that flow before descending from the arches around the attractive billboards, and land beyond the will. The newly constructed two-lane expressway will pass through future glass structures and spirals that will hit the clouds, as well as the beautiful bridges that are a hallmark of modern engineering. Before inclining to the wave and returning in time.

Old star rocks are found as you turn up a hillside into a modern flat plain that works inward and upward. Infiltrates the small lane culture. Houses of the past collide with each other and hang unsteadily on roads that ignore what to follow. Hanging baskets threaten to overthrow their homes from the balcony, revealing crowded life beyond the open windows.
The modern steel and glass facades of hotel and office blocks, the stone colonial museums and the Portuguese ruling class adorning the plains around the coast are all that remains when you walk inland. The mountainous centers of the islands are home to the main population: many years ago, the houses looked like a fishing village in Portugal in one direction and Chinatown in the other. Built along the old lined streets, these little houses are stacked on top of each other, giving life and activity everywhere.

But not everything is as it seems. In the heat of the day, cool drinks and snacks go hand in hand with the pool and air conditioning, making the night a difference. From the dark, faded brickwork and overgrown flower beds, to the graffiti and peeling paint on the shop walls, stunning lights flow. From a forgotten city ruined in its own decay, a brilliant display of neon power develops that transforms everything in place and inside. As the sun goes down people come out to play, tourists put on bath towels and no longer think about the cold air, workers get ready for the night to arrive, the hotel lobby transforms from deserted corridors into crowded and busy beehives. And intent.

The public park becomes a meeting place for those outside the city, loaded buses cross large wheeled roads, and alert taxi drivers fight skillfully and skillfully for customers in need. The police wipe their eyes with sleep and come out of their cabins ready and awake for the night to come. Hands crossed and hung around the doors, quietly saying, “Trouble, you’ll have to deal with me.” Asian jewelers open their doors and give tourists the opportunity of a lifetime to buy the cheapest gold in Asia, and the Indian on the corner suggests that he can make a suit a day and call the electronics store where they did it. Not during the day.
But what really happens? Aside from the tourist scene, what really happens is the nightlife and activities that arise after sunset. What is Macau today and why do both workers and tourists like to sleep during the day and what makes the city a deserted and desolate place in the sun? Fun night activity pack?

It’s about random sports. Gambling accounts for 70 percent of Macau’s government revenue. Many hotels are built with gambling in mind and therefore have many casinos and casinos on their premises. Limousines take him to his seat for a rich gambling night. The hotel offers special packages for those who have money to lose, and the girls are waiting for the searchers to help them spend the money they thought they would stay. The punters drink to the bar to relax their tight fingers, the fast food flow and the big, muscular men kicking the losers positively to create satisfaction and confidence in the high rollers.

Banks close and fast-moving machines hand over their businesses to rows and rows. Nervous, hurried gamblers line up at these machines, eager to get to work, worried they have no money left. Security guards are on the lookout for metal detectors and search wallets, spinning in a circle of hidden cameras, throwing money at suspicious players luckily, and constantly opening the door for newcomers to the goalkeepers’ hands ache. Help the losers. Receptionists register hundreds of newcomers as they leave the mainland of China on a train carrying a mole-like ant. Airport staff sweat freely as planes land at high speed to chase away miners from Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore and other parts of the world.

New punters compete against time to snatch their bags, go on immigration and bring a taxi up or down to their hotel and nearby casinos. Time is honor and time is money, money to be spent regardless of dreams. Not all visitors and visitors to Macau gamble on a mission. Some visitors are genuine tourists wondering why the city is so empty and gloomy during the day, with no idea about the other side of Macau. Another group, group or tour package from Taiwan and other expensive Asian economies will arrive and if you watch the tour while you get fat on the plane, you will see that they are all men. These men are on a mission, and they too are in their fifties and the average age may be in their seventies. This is a specially organized tour, for example starting from Taiwan and flying to Macau for a three day tour. It’s only for men who go to Macau to get a woman, have sex and joke for three days and then fly back to Taiwan alone – sometimes repeating the process. In a year, if they can afford it or if they can’t find their wives. Yes, another side of Macau; There may be prostitutes serving food to Taiwan or foreign visitors, or gamblers and gambling addicts may still be joking around in their pockets after the casino closes at night.

Prostitutes sweep the doors and exits of casinos and are precisely balanced on high heels that ignore gravity and are covered in layers of makeup that provide a brilliant plaster match. A small skirt comes up on slender legs and breasts. As the men pass by, small bags swiftly move around, their smiles emanating freely from onlookers, and passers-by look on.

Tips are offered and gamblers are promised a new life when they leave the casinos in search of new land or with empty pockets. Newcomers are given the option of female companions as they prepare for the night and have everything they can think of. Slender girls with long legs, short girls with big beads, tall girls with big beads and short girls with long legs are leaning towards the doors everywhere and offering hope and suggestion. The slender hips bulge as the hips are pushed gracefully, the nipples protrude as the tongue runs along the lips, and the eyes of all who see it smile. Men dressed as women, big women with big breasts and big men with even bigger breasts are placed in the background for bent over and excited girls and they run around lovingly touching butt and kissing cheeks.

It may be a city that runs during the day but prostitutes, gorillas, gamblers, airport workers, taxi drivers, vendors, fast food restaurant owners, waiters, bus drivers, porters, receptionists, bankers, service engineers, thieves and security guards . They need to sleep during the day so that they can prepare for a new night when the sun goes down.

The only customers in broad daylight are the next train full of enthusiastic fans with cleaners and pockets full of money to prepare the city for the next flight loaded with tourists and enthusiastic passengers who have not seen the other side of Macau. Dreams of a rich and prosperous future ahead.

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