VIP A380 Interiors

It’s five years now since the placing of a firm order with Airbus for an A380 Flying Palace, a VIP a380 interiors version of the new double-deck airliner.

The A380, powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines, would seemingly have cabin outfitting at a completion centre identity unknown.

VIP Airbus A380 interiors of the Flying Palace kind allows customers to trade up to more space, more comfort and a more modern design that flies non-stop to the world. It will also allow them to benefit from more tranquil travel in the A380s outstandingly quiet cabin, as well as the peace of mind that its four engines bring.

Prince Alwaleed’s order means that Airbus sales success in the corporate jet market now extends from its smallest aircraft, the A318 Elite, all the way up to its largest, the A380 Flying Palace.

Airbus A380 is the worlds newest airliner, and only entered service one month previously with Singapore Airlines, one of many prestigious customers. It features a wider fuselage than today’s largest aircraft plus 50 per cent more floorspace, but has also been designed to use existing runways in less distance.

Sales of the Airbus Corporate Jets Family, the A318 Elite, ACJ and A320 Prestige, recently passed the 100 order milestone, highlighting their increasing appeal to corporate, individual and government customers. In addition, more than 40 Airbus widebodies are in widespread VIP and government service.

Airbus features include the latest fuel-saving aerodynamic designs, extensive use of weight-saving carbonfibre, a common cockpit that reduces training costs, cost and time-saving centralised maintenance, and a worldwide customer support network.

Jet interior design
Leg room will not be a problem on the Flying Palace. The A380 can be fitted with cocktail bars, casinos, showers and sleeping quarters for first class passengers on ordinary airlines. But for the super-rich, few limits.

Sales of private jets are booming amid security concerns, meaning aircraft interior design is a booming business. While some private jet owners may hire jet interior designers directly, the majority use the services of aircraft completion companies for custom vip jet interior design. Most aircraft owners are concerned with durability and resale, so the majority of aircraft interiors are designed with neutral tones and finishes to meet these requirements.

Only specific materials can be used, even for private aircraft interiors. For example, all materials are required to have an 8110-3, which means they need to pass FAA burn requirements. 2-D and 3-D modeling software allows the customer to preview colors, textures, patterns and materials. The final stage of this software is a photorealistic 3-D rendering showing the customer a true colour visualization of how the new interior environment will look and feel. This rendering, along with the colour board of materials, is a complete package for jet interior design.