VIP and Celebrity Speakers

Politicians, VIP’s and celebrity speakers often expect to bring their spouse or an aide with them when they travel. If other parties are involved make sure you have something in writing that outlines what the understanding is regarding lodging and food reimbursement. If you retain your speaker’s services well in advance of your conference date he or she may be able to arrange other engagements close to your meeting date and location. If this happens, it could mean you save on the speakers travel expenses as this cost would then be shared.

If you would like your speaker to attend social events before or after the presentation, be sure the speaker is aware of your request well in advance. In many cases a speaker will spend the time right before his/her presentation preparing to go on the platform. Speakers are usually happy to attend extra events if given sufficient notice. Be aware, however, that some speakers prefer not to attend social events and some charge extra for any additional time spent.

Be sure to get the speaker’s photograph and biographical information to ensure you have what you need for any publications (programs, brochures, newsletters). The speaker will also provide you with an appropriate introduction.

Send the speaker as much information as possible about your organization including company newsletters, annual reports and any relevant meeting bulletins. Also send the speaker copies of any material mentioning his or her presentation.

Many speakers and seminar leaders have written books and produced cassette tapes of their programs. Create a mutual understanding about what promotion of their materials will be allowed.

Mention of products being available can be made immediately following a speaker’s presentation. Attendees often benefit from material that extends the value of the presentation. If you want to make an audiotape or videotape of a presentation be sure to get signed authorization in advance.

1. Check contracts for accommodation requirements.

2. Bars, snacks and complimentary buffets.

3. Transportation – to and from the event and to and from the airport – limousines, helicopters, private planes.

4. Welcome and hospitality arrangements in place.

5. Reference material about organization supplied to speaker well in advance.

6. Outline of speech received prior to event.

7. Date given for when biography, headshot and introduction to be received.

8. Arrangements for any other person(s) traveling with the speaker.

9. Be aware of VIP’s personal preferences i.e. likes golf, will attend banquet, meet and greet.

10. Send out thank you letters.

11. Gifts – either delivered to room during conference, presented following speech or sent after the event.

12. Allow time for questions from the audience following speaker’s presentation.

VIP Accommodations in Jerusalem

For those that want to visit Jerusalem and stay in the most luxurious accommodations in the area, you may not have any idea where to start your search. To provide you with examples of the wonderful accommodations that are available, we have compiled a few of the most popular. All around Jerusalem, you can find VIP and luxury accommodations from villas to homes to penthouses. The most popular are a mix from those for singles to families so you can at least get an idea of the great opportunities that await you and your family.

The Yemin Moshe Villa offers two floors with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The villa is completely furnished along with a kosher kitchen. One of the best features is the two large living areas with spectacular views of the Old City walls. Appliances that are furnished include full refrigerator, oven, microwave, blender, radio, TV with cable/satellite, and DVD player. Other features that have visitors raving include the hot tub, deck, full parking, high speed internet, hardwood floors, wheelchair accessible, and air conditioning. Maid service is available for an extra charge.

K.D. Crown apartment comes in second place offering 3 1/2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and will accommodate 7 individuals comfortably. These apartments are high class with a doorman greeting you at the entrance. The fully furnished apartment offers washer/dryer, microwave, oven, TV with cable/satellite, DVD player, and stereo. Other features that have this apartment on the luxury list include full parking, high-speed internet, wheelchair accessible, air conditioning, hardwood floors, kitchen, and magnificent views from your personal balcony.

Shaarei Hesed Villa is home only 5 minutes from the city center, 5 minutes from the Great Synagogue, 10 minutes from the Mamilla center, and only 2 minutes from bakeries, restaurants, and a supermarket, to name a few. The beautiful villa has three floors with 7 bedrooms and four ½ baths. Comes complete furnished along with blender, microwave, oven, full refrigerator, toaster, charcoal grill, grill, washer/dryer, CD player, DVD player, radio, stereo, telephone, fax machine, hair dryer, and iron. Other features that make this property very popular are the balcony, deck, hot tub, patio, high-speed internet, parking, air conditioning, and kitchen. Housekeeping and cleaning services are available for an extra charge.

The Elisha Penthouse is only a 4-minute stroll to Old City, the new Mamilla complex, and several gourmet kosher restaurants, parks, lounges, and the Mea Shearim St. Spas. The two story apartment offers 5 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths. Amenities include microwave, full refrigerator, toaster, washer/dryer, CD player, DVD player, iron, stereo, telephone, and TV with cable/satellite. Families love the extra luxury items, which include a balcony, patio, porch, beach chairs, gym, high-speed internet, hot tub, indoor pool, linens, and sauna towels.

These are only a few of the fully furnished luxury accommodations you can find on your search for a place to stay while in Jerusalem.

Reasons for Booking Your Business Class Ticket Through a Travel Concierge

If you fly regularly for business or pleasure, flying first class can take the edge off the travel time with its great amenities. But landing a cheap business class ticket can be a hard. Airlines advertise conventional fares for these tickets and most people are unaware that it is possible to pay less for the same flights. Using a travel concierge service is a wise decision to make your travel time hassle free. Travel concierges have a number of benefits for the often last minute business class flyer:

Here are the services offered by travel concierges:

• Flight notifications
• Flight booking:
• Check-in assistance
• Fast track immigrations and custom clearance
• Luggage concierge
• Airport transfers
• Hotel bookings

Advantages of using a travel concierge to get your first class flight

• Cheaper flights; travel concierges have access to a database of different airlines plying your travel route and can land you much cheaper first class tickets. They also have discounted fare rates from airlines, allowing their clients to enjoy the luxury of business class while saving you a lot of money over time.

• Save time: travel concierges provide assistance for checking in and clearing customs therefore fast tracking the entire process for you and saving you the hassle of long cheque in and clearance queues.

• Ground concierge: by assisting with your luggage on the ground and providing other services such as airport transfers, you get a truly VIP travel experience.

• Last minute first class bookings: first class bookings are rarely available last minute and the extra charges can be avoided by booking through the travel concierge.

• One way first class tickets: these are also hard to get on most airlines and more so on short notice. They can handle such bookings for you.

With this in mind, traveling business class doesn’t have to be a reserved for VIPs only. Now you too can enjoy hassle free premium travel even if only for a one way business class experience by using a travel concierge service. In some cases, they are able to get you flights discounted by as much as 70%. The facilities and services attached to first class travel including the business lounge, in-flight wifi, gourmet dining and cocktails, reclining seats and entertainment systems are designed to make your journey memorable. All this makes your travel time comfortable with plenty of rest and peak productivity for those who like to get some work done while traveling.