How to Enjoy a Better Vacation With Travel Rewards

Travel rewards programs offered by credit card companies are getting better for the consumer.  Fierce competition among credit card companies is the driving force behind increased perks.

Before you travel, make sure you now about all the benefits of your card.  Check your card issuer’s website to find specific information and don’t be afraid to call customer service.  Tell them where you are going, when, and how long you plan on staying, ask them if there are any special benefits you don’t already know about associated with your travel rewards card.

A vacation should offer you a high level of convenience and comfort.  The card issuers are making some offers with travel rewards cards that could enhance this convenience and comfort.

Auto Rental Insurance

When you rent a car with your credit card, a collision damage waiver may automatically cover you.  Some travel credit cards will include collision coverage as well.  Be sure to know what is covered by your card before paying for coverage offered by the car rental agency.

VIP Access

Your card may entitle you to VIP service at the airport lounge.  Often times, there is a special access area provided to frequent travelers, your card might grant you admission.  The lounges often feature Internet hot spots and special entertainment.  Check and see if your travel rewards card entitles you to the VIP treatment.

Travel Insurance

Frequent travelers often purchase accident insurance for every trip they take.  Most travel bonus cards provide this insurance automatically when you purchase your flight tickets with your card.  This automatic insurance is available for both domestic and international travel.  Find out if your credit card company provides it.

Restaurant Discounts

A special feature of your card could be discounts or gift cards at specific restaurants at your destination.  Tell your issuing company where you are going and ask if this reward is available to you.

Travel Clubs

Your card may provide you with free travel club membership.  These clubs offer discounts, accommodations upgrades, and VIP status.

Regional Discounts

You may be entitled to special discounts if you’re going to a major city like Philadelphia or Los Angeles.  These are particular discounts at particular destinations within that city.

Before vacationing or traveling always check with your card issuer to see if these travel rewards are available to you.  Do it every time because some credit card companies add special incentives.

A Look at VIP Travel Reservations

A nice getaway can be just the thing you were looking for. In the world today we all tend to have tight schedules which means we do not have time for our own comforts and personal life. It can even have negative ramifications on our relationship with our loved ones. In such a scenario, we should take a break and go for a trip to recharge our batteries. We can also take our family on this vacation and have a nice time with our partner and children. Many of the travel agencies provide discounts when you take your entire family. A holiday may be the one thing you and your family were looking for to bring freshness to their lives. However, if you are a planning a specific trip it is very important to have the ticket reservation well before you are to travel so that we do not have to face any problems due to last minute reservation of the tickets.

When booking travel reservations you want to book seats for yourself well in advance. This can go a long way in saving many headaches normally associated with the holidays. There are many travel agencies and ticket reservation agencies which will book your ticket at a small fee. Nevertheless, beware of companies like VIP travel reservations, which cheat many consumers. Many of the agencies can arrange everything for you, from ticket reservations to hotel reservations. You just have to pack your bags and go on vacation. All other matters will be taken up by the travel agency. You can also opt for doing your own ticket reservation. Nowadays, you can even reserve a ticket online and pay through your credit card. However, you will appreciate the peace of mind, which comes by having your ticket reserved through a recognized agent or travel agency.

There are many agencies, which will be willing to take care of all the formalities of travelling at a small fee. In fact, it can sometimes prove to be cheaper if you reserve your tickets through these companies. You can have everything done for you which includes having your tickets reserved, your traveling plans made, good hotels booked in advance and taxis arranged beforehand to take you to the various places of your vacation destination. But for this, you need to select a good agency to reserve your various tickets.

There are some tips which you should take to avoid falling into the tricks of the less then scrupulous ticket reservation agencies. You should ask around and do some research on the various agencies which provide these services. Out of this list you should select the company which has a record of reliability and trust. Nobody wants to spend their money without any reason. So, avoid the fake companies like VIP and go for reliable agencies.

Visit London in Style With a VIP London Tour

London is the capital of England and attracts millions of tourists each year. If your planning on visiting this great city, there are lots of ways you can see all of what London has to offer. You could go on some of the London tours and see all the main attractions, but you could be that bit different and go on a VIP tour of London.

The difference between a VIP tour of London compared to normal tours is that VIP tours can be customised uniquely for you. So if you’re not interested in seeing the Tower of London or Big Ben, Perhaps you have been there done that.. Well a VIP tour can be tailored to suite you completely. You can create your own list of buildings or places you want to see and put a time scale on each. Perhaps you want to spend a good couple of hours at one location. This isn’t a problem with VIP tours. With general tours you will be following a set route, seeing a set number of locations and you will all be on a tight time scale. This is fine and will suite many people but a VIP tour is more personal to you which will make you visit to London a much more memorable one.

Very few of us experience what it is like to be a VIP. Unless you become rich or famous and join our celebrity culture the only other way to feel a bit special travelling around London is with a VIP tour. You will be travelling in style, perhaps in a classic Rolls Royce, and with a dedicated chauffeur at your beck and call. You can still visit all the top London attractions but with a twist. You decide what you see and when. Perhaps your an avid fan of the Beatles or Shakespeare.. Well with a VIP tour you can be visiting the London eye in the morning and then visiting Abbey Road in the afternoon. Whatever YOU want to see and do is possible on a VIP tour.

If you have never been to London then a visit Buckingham Palace and watching the changing of the guard is a must. You can take a tour inside the palace these days and see the state rooms with all their exquisite artwork including works from Rembrandt, Canaletto and Rubens.

A trip to London is not complete without a trip to Trafalgar Square. It has a long history and today you can see public demonstrations and performances. One of the famous statues in the square is Nelson’s Column with the four bronze lions on the base.

Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, London Bridge, Kensington Palace and the London Eye are all top locations to visit. One location that you might not have thought about is London Zoo. It is one of the oldest zoos in the world an houses hundreds of animal species including reptiles and insects and marine life in the Aquarium. This is a great place for all the family.

Whatever you want can be had with bespoke VIP tours. There are only a few companies that offer these special types of tour, where as bus tours of London seeing all the usual sites are very common. Some companies will offer the full ‘shebang’ and pick you up from the airport and treat you like a VIP from the moment you set food in England. So if you think you would like the special treatment on your next trip to London why not do a bit of research, find a company that offer these types of chauffeured tours and plan the holiday of a lifetime.