Travelling in Luxury

Travelling, whether it’s to a far off country or just up the road needs to be comfortable. We have all heard of first class and business class but what exactly is luxury travel on a coach? There are different types of coaches for a start. You can get a standard mini bus, designed to hold more people than a car. Then you have the standard size coach, these usually hold about 50 passengers. Next is the double decker coach, it has two levels and can hold between 80 and 90 passengers.

Finally we come to the VIP coach. The VIP coach is kitted out with all the latest gadgets and luxuries that you could ever want!

A lounge area.

No longer will you have to sit on seats in rows. Now you can chill in the lounge area! It’s like being sat on your sofa at home.

Sleeping areas.

Little cabins that allow you to sleep comfortably instead of squished in your seat all night make this coach perfect for overnight travelling.

4 seater tables.

If you are travelling and want to do some work or even if you just want to pass the time with a game of cards then having a table to do it at is essential.

Power sockets.

If you need to charge your phone or laptop whilst working at the table then the VIP coach has power sockets for you to do so.

Showers and wash rooms.

If you are travelling for a long period then you can freshen up in a luxurious wash room or take a nice shower. Now there is no excuse for being stuck next to a passenger that smells!

Fridges and microwaves.

Fancy a snack on the move? You can make full use of the on board microwave and fridge to make a nutritious meal.

Leather seats.

The ultimate luxury. Nothing says VIP like sitting on reclining leather seats!

DVD players.

If you are stuck for something to do then why not watch a DVD? You can bring your own or they have a library stocked for you to choose from. So if you’ve forgotten a book or have some spare time on your hands there is no excuse for being bored now!

Tinted windows.

For those of us who are publicity shy then tinted windows are the answer. If you don’t want to be seen and would like to maintain your privacy or if you simply want to feel famous then the VIP coach does it with its tinted windows!

If you are hiring a coach [], whether its for a corporate event, for a hen party, a day out or just getting a large group of people from A to B then look no further than the VIP coach. If you are used to travelling in luxury then this coach will feel like seventh heaven. Designed specifically for a high end market this coach will not come cheap. But with luxury like leather seats and DVD players it’s worth every penny!

How To Get Airlines To Treat You Like A VIP

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In recent weeks I have read at least three articles about how poorly the flying public perceives the customer service provided by the airline industry. As a frequent traveler myself, I know how frustrating (and that is an extremely mild word to use here) it is when you are stuck in an airport because a pilot has not arrived on time, or a flight was overbooked or for any other reason.

But before I go any further, I should first put things in perspective. Since September 11, the airline industry has been on the ropes, financially. In the U.S. four of the five major carriers have filed bankruptcy, and not one of them has shown a profit for a single fiscal year. The industry has also reduced its workforce by 200,000 fewer people.

So, as this industry’s customers, we cannot realistically expect to receive the same level of service as we received before 9-11.

But, and this is a very important “but,” there is still no excuse for rude or indifferent behavior. On this level I am happy to report that of the two airlines I have personal experience with, American Airlines and British Airlines, their employees seem to be trying harder to be courteous, helpful and empowered to go the extra mile.

Of course this all boils down to my own personal perception, but I have generally heard more positive feedback from other travelers on these airlines.

Given all the financial problems facing this industry, how can one still get VIP treatment from airlines? Before I answer that question, I first want to say that what I am about to write in this article is not to offer pity for the airline industry or to excuse unexcusable behavior on the part of indifferent employees, but it is to offer advice in the context of the reality of the industry’s financial woes.

Let’s think about the old expression, “the customer is always right.” Clearly this is not always the case. Customers often expect and demand much more than they are entitled to. In the real world, no business can really act as if the customer is always right when customers want something for nothing. Can a restaurant give free meals? Can a store give away free merchandise? Of course not, and neither can an airline give free airfare.

But airlines are in the unique position to know which customers to give VIP treatment to: their frequent travelers. If you are a member of an airline’s loyalty program AND you truly are a frequent flyer AND if you usually travel on first or business class tickets, your VIP status with that airline will swiftly rise.

Airlines can track the profitability of each and every one of their loyalty program members. Now, what if a customer shows up and asks for special treatment, or expects something extra from the airline? If that person is not a loyalty program member, or is a member but hasn’t flown with that airline in over a year, or if that person only flies on deep discount tickets bought through an online consolidator web site, he probably will not get an extra level of VIP treatment. (He should, however, be treated with courtesy, respect and receive the proper value for his travel dollar, but he probably won’t get the VIP treatment).

Now suppose a different customer comes up to the ticket counter and travels every month or so on tickets in the mid price range. That person should expect to receive the extra request if the request is reasonable.

What is the lesson to all this? Simple: the airline industry will not be financially able to offer a lot of extra perks to all its customers for a long time to come. But you can upgrade your status with any airline by making it your sole carrier whenever possible. There are many people who are members of five or six loyalty programs and spread their travel among those airlines, usually based on the ticket price available at the time they travel. But if those same people were to concentrate on one airline, they would probably find themselves receiving VIP treatment more often.

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Advantages of VIP Aviation Services

VIP aviation services are the preferred choice of the super rich, who love to enjoy the best and finest things in the world. And while flying too they always need certain extra privileges, which a commercial flight can never satisfy. Here are some of the advantages of VIP aviation services that attract the elite class:

Travel with the best

VIP aviation services provide private air charters or private jets for companies and corporations, which need high level of confidentiality. These air travels are tailor-made exclusively to pamper their clients during the travel. In addition to sufficient legroom, highly comfortable seats and a luxurious ambience, the guests are provided with choicest food. This is something you are never going to get in a commercial flight.

For convenience sake

The luxury and comfort you will enjoy while travelling in a private charter or jet are unparalleled. The most annoying thing about travelling by air is the need to check-in hours in advance. A lot of time is also lost while you wait for bag and baggage. However, while you travel in a private charter, it is like the flight is waiting for you to arrive and not the other way round. The entire journey is tailor-made for your needs.

Saves time

A normal commercial airline flies to many airports around the world. However, private jets or charters land at your destination. You can determine the place and time of departure of your flight.

What makes this possible is they can land at several big and small airports around the globe. So that you get to land closer to your destination and that saves a lot of time, especially for business travellers. You can save elaborate security checks and other time consuming formalities at the airport.

Increased productivity

Private charters will wait for you. So a lot for business men won’t lose out on the time they can spend in a productive way. Unlike a commercial flight, a VIP charter gives you the privacy to discuss highly confidential business matters without any distraction. So you save time here, too.

Unparalleled luxury

Private chartered flights are the ultimate when it comes to luxury. The cabins are spacious, flight attendants are at you beck and call. In short, you will be travelling in the lap of luxury with no room for any discomfort.

Stay connected, always

Business jets are equipped with modern computers and other means of communication. So you can stay connected throughout the flight. You can use mobile communication, internet and fax during your journey without interruption.

Safety first

High class of aircraft in this segment is not only the parameters of comfort and service, but also provides the maximum reliability and safety of the aircraft.

A lot of activities to keep children engaged

Not just for business travellers, VIP aviation service is the preferred choice of families, especially those who travel with children. They offer a lot of activities for children and keep them engaged so that they don’t get bored and trouble their parents. Games and toys will also help them cope with the stress and fear of flying. Chefs on board will amuse them with delectable dishes and special kids’ meals. Since the cabins can be equipped with beds, children will feel at home and will never miss a goodnight’s sleep.