Be a Resourceful Budget Traveler – How to Get First Class Treatment But Still Travel Cheap!

Have you ever been passing by the VIP lounge in the airport and wondered what you would find inside? Ever wonder how to travel cheap and still get perks like first class seats? With a little ingenuity you can get VIP treatment without parting with all your cash!

So what would you find in the VIP lounge in various airports if you were allowed inside? Probably some really nice comfortable chairs, maybe an open bar, some large screen TVs, and a general feeling of peace and quiet. But how to gain access? Well, first class travelers for one thing. These guests will be allowed into the lounge to enjoy all the benefits. But of course budget travelers are not generally first class ticket holders, so is there another way?

Well, you can pay for an annual membership but that is also big bucks. So let’s scratch that idea off our list. Fortunately there are certain priority passes that can be purchased which will allow you to have access for a lower price to hundreds of lounges in hundreds of airports. So if this is a perk that you’d like to enjoy, consider one of these passes.

Another way of gaining access to VIP special treatment is to enlist the help of a real travel agent rather than making all your travel plans online. These humans can and will find you the best deals and perks possible. You will pay nothing at all for the benefit of their knowledge, and they can often steer you right toward many excellent deals and upgraded offers that you might not have been able to find otherwise.

There are also cheaper ways to be upgraded from coach to first class when traveling by air. Wouldn’t you just love to move from the back of the plane up to the front into the spacious, roomy, and very comfortable seats? But how would you do this when your ultimate goal is cheap and inexpensive travel?

Well hold onto your hat, here’s what to do. First, simply ask the clerk politely if you may be able to upgrade. This option fails more times than not, but once in a while it works. So it surely can’t hurt to try.

Another thing to try is, once you are on the plane, you can inquire of the flight attendant if you might upgrade (assuming you notice an empty and available seat). Or, you can try this sort of sneaky thing, and have a mysterious problem with your seat or a passenger next to you. If there are seats available up front you may be able to move.

A Luxury Travel Agency Can Make A Holiday Classic

For travelers who love to travel in style, a luxury travel agency can do the trick. An experienced and knowledgeable agency would deliver only the very best to its clients. Luxury tours usually include amazing cruise experiences that include shore excursions and exotic land packages. The cruisers are also entitled to attend some social events. Air travelers can get special prices that they would not find on the web. For people interested in traveling to different countries and gathering experience, there are superb packages that these agencies have to offer. They can also make special arrangements for people who prefer to travel independently. A vacation can be customized to suit their needs and endless options can be added to their tour.

Set On a Sojourn in Style

Luxury travel is also all about fine-tuning a vacation package and making it suit the travelers’ needs. Some travel firms also make the travelers feel extra special by offering them insurance for sickness, injury, and refunds any cancellations during their tour. This insurance is applicable to citizens of all countries.

Good travel agencies have knowledgeable and experienced advisors who plan the perfect vacation for families, individuals, and honeymooners. They have worldwide connections to offer the ultimate luxury accommodations to the travelers. They also have connections with cruise lines, tour companies, and airlines to give only the best to the customers. These agencies give them the most value for their money. The travel advisors have lots of first-hand experience and they can draw up an excellent itinerary for the travelers with their unparalleled expertise. A luxury agency can make arrangements for exciting weekend getaways and trips of a lifetime with equal ease. They combine comfort and luxury in the travels of their clients. The travelers can either go for a pre-designed itinerary and join a small group or let the destination specialists create one especially for them. They can even create their own personalized itinerary.

Where Can The Travelers Travel?

The travelers can either choose their own destination or take the help of these trip advisors. Luxury travel can range from no-rules polo in Pakistan to luxuriant hunting trips in Mongolia to a lavish villa rental in the debauched Brazilian coasts and even summer retreats in the mountains of Lebanon. These agents go all out to make their guests comfortable in deserts, mountains, and even in the remotest of islands. Whether it is kite-skiing in Antarctica to a walking safari in Africa or an adventure holiday in the Andamans in India, it would be a holiday to remember. They will also get to stay in the best luxury accommodations in the rustic private islands near Malaysia or in the Pampas in Uruguay.

Although this kind of travel is all about luxury and style, a luxury travel agency can offer great discounts to its customers and make the trip affordable, yet unforgettable. They also get free room upgrades, free breakfast, pool, spa facilities, housekeeping services, late checkout, daily newspaper, and VIP guest status when they hire the services of these agencies. For an unmatched vacation experience, get in touch with these companies today and make your travel experience extra special. Bon voyage!

A Look at VIP Travel in Lexington SC

It is certainly true that in the world today each company is fighting to get a better price and policy to attract more and more customers. That certainly has become a pre-requisite rather than a desire. Where there is so much competition, each firm is required to do something to attract the attention of its consumers. The result is many attractive offers and prices; ones that are made to entice the consumers. Keep in mind that most of these offers are genuine and authentic. However, there are some among these that are well planned and fake. Which are created with the sole purpose of making money and NOT providing the benefits that were promised. These offers are termed scams and you need to be aware of them if you do not want to lose your money.

Travel Scams

One such scam that made a lot of money by duping innocent people was the VIP Travel Lexington S.C scam. VIP Travel was a sort of a travel organizing agency that enticed people to join its membership. Obviously, to make this happen they made very charming offers and did perhaps everything to get people to take their membership. The catch was they just never really made good on the claims they made. The result was that people lost money. Some of them took the membership but were not able to take advantage of it. They never got the tickets for air planes or arrangement for accommodation in places where they wanted to go. Some of them did actually go to places but were hugely unsatisfied with what they got. And even then they never received the promised discounts on any of the things nor were they given satisfactory accommodations. To make matters worst the people who did join and were dis-satisfied were never given their money back when they asked for refunds. It was then that the people decided to lodge a complaint against this company. After a complaint by almost fifty people, South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has finally filed a law suit against VIP Travel, for conducting unfair and deceptive practices in its solicitations.

Better Business Bureau Tips

The Better Business Bureau has offered guidelines to people to help them in not falling in the traps of such scams. Here are a few suggestions that they had to offer.

1. Before taking membership with any company, check for complaints filed against it with the BBB.
2. Even when you have joined in, make it a point to get offers and travel arrangements in writing.
3. Get written copies of cancellation policies. If your investment turns out to be a scam, it will be easier for you to cancel your membership with a written cancellation policy.
4. Lastly, pay with a credit card. Similarly, the chances of a pay back in case of a payment made by a credit card is more.