How to Enjoy a Better Vacation With Travel Rewards

Travel rewards programs offered by credit card companies are getting better for the consumer.  Fierce competition among credit card companies is the driving force behind increased perks.

Before you travel, make sure you now about all the benefits of your card.  Check your card issuer’s website to find specific information and don’t be afraid to call customer service.  Tell them where you are going, when, and how long you plan on staying, ask them if there are any special benefits you don’t already know about associated with your travel rewards card.

A vacation should offer you a high level of convenience and comfort.  The card issuers are making some offers with travel rewards cards that could enhance this convenience and comfort.

Auto Rental Insurance

When you rent a car with your credit card, a collision damage waiver may automatically cover you.  Some travel credit cards will include collision coverage as well.  Be sure to know what is covered by your card before paying for coverage offered by the car rental agency.

VIP Access

Your card may entitle you to VIP service at the airport lounge.  Often times, there is a special access area provided to frequent travelers, your card might grant you admission.  The lounges often feature Internet hot spots and special entertainment.  Check and see if your travel rewards card entitles you to the VIP treatment.

Travel Insurance

Frequent travelers often purchase accident insurance for every trip they take.  Most travel bonus cards provide this insurance automatically when you purchase your flight tickets with your card.  This automatic insurance is available for both domestic and international travel.  Find out if your credit card company provides it.

Restaurant Discounts

A special feature of your card could be discounts or gift cards at specific restaurants at your destination.  Tell your issuing company where you are going and ask if this reward is available to you.

Travel Clubs

Your card may provide you with free travel club membership.  These clubs offer discounts, accommodations upgrades, and VIP status.

Regional Discounts

You may be entitled to special discounts if you’re going to a major city like Philadelphia or Los Angeles.  These are particular discounts at particular destinations within that city.

Before vacationing or traveling always check with your card issuer to see if these travel rewards are available to you.  Do it every time because some credit card companies add special incentives.