Be a Resourceful Budget Traveler – How to Get First Class Treatment But Still Travel Cheap!

Have you ever been passing by the VIP lounge in the airport and wondered what you would find inside? Ever wonder how to travel cheap and still get perks like first class seats? With a little ingenuity you can get VIP treatment without parting with all your cash!

So what would you find in the VIP lounge in various airports if you were allowed inside? Probably some really nice comfortable chairs, maybe an open bar, some large screen TVs, and a general feeling of peace and quiet. But how to gain access? Well, first class travelers for one thing. These guests will be allowed into the lounge to enjoy all the benefits. But of course budget travelers are not generally first class ticket holders, so is there another way?

Well, you can pay for an annual membership but that is also big bucks. So let’s scratch that idea off our list. Fortunately there are certain priority passes that can be purchased which will allow you to have access for a lower price to hundreds of lounges in hundreds of airports. So if this is a perk that you’d like to enjoy, consider one of these passes.

Another way of gaining access to VIP special treatment is to enlist the help of a real travel agent rather than making all your travel plans online. These humans can and will find you the best deals and perks possible. You will pay nothing at all for the benefit of their knowledge, and they can often steer you right toward many excellent deals and upgraded offers that you might not have been able to find otherwise.

There are also cheaper ways to be upgraded from coach to first class when traveling by air. Wouldn’t you just love to move from the back of the plane up to the front into the spacious, roomy, and very comfortable seats? But how would you do this when your ultimate goal is cheap and inexpensive travel?

Well hold onto your hat, here’s what to do. First, simply ask the clerk politely if you may be able to upgrade. This option fails more times than not, but once in a while it works. So it surely can’t hurt to try.

Another thing to try is, once you are on the plane, you can inquire of the flight attendant if you might upgrade (assuming you notice an empty and available seat). Or, you can try this sort of sneaky thing, and have a mysterious problem with your seat or a passenger next to you. If there are seats available up front you may be able to move.