Backpacking in Thailand – How to Travel Super Cheaply

A great way to get amazing results from your backpacking or traveling-for-low-cost budget is by booking a ticket to Thailand and preparing to explore to your heart’s content – cheaply of course. Don’t think it can be done? Wait until you’ve read this article and you’ll be ready to book your ticket and go!

Now most budget travelers or backpackers would know this anyway – but in case you don’t, the simple fact is that when it comes to low cost travel, Thailand takes the cake, and allows you to eat it too. (By the way, Thailand’s neighbors are even cheaper to travel through than Thailand!) So let’s find out how to do it.

Firstly understand that you can basically catch trains, buses and vans (boats too, depending on where you’re headed) to almost anywhere in Thailand. Pretty much wherever there’s a road, there’s transport. You’ll also have a few choices about what style you want to travel in… You can go local style and pay the local fares, or you can go VIP and pay top dollar (for Thai standards).

As an example, a VIP 24 seater bus with air conditioning (think of it like a fridge on wheels) will cost you the top end of your traveling budget, but give you a very comfortable trip (albeit a cold one). Whereas you can also find a local bus or van doing a similar route and pay less than half the VIP price. You still get to where you’re going though!

So, to do Thailand on a really cheap budget is more than possible. The trick is to catch the local buses and vans, and do what the local Thai people do. I’ve seen folks sit in low-cost seats all night to ride 12 hour train trips, rather than fork out the extra for a bunk bed to sleep in. 

Actually you’d be amazed at how cheaply you can travel Thailand for. For under US$10 you can do a picturesque 5 hour journey to a whole new part of Thailand. OK, so the bus might be full, and the driver a maniac, but you still get to where you’re going, right? So, go book that ticket right away!