How to Make Your Business Travel Easier

“Wow, that sounds really cool. Have a great time!” That’s the kind of thing people who don’t travel for business say to those who do.

If you’ve ever traveled for business, you know that it’s a lot of work. Fun? Not so much. You’re often ‘on’ for many hours in a day, at meetings, and at meals with clients and colleagues. The travel itself, especially by air, can be exhausting. Plus, you don’t have the comforting presence of home and loved ones when you finally stop at the end of the day.

Still, it’s a great way to expand your business and take advantage of opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have if you just stayed home.

So how can you make travel for business work for you as much as you do for it? Here are some strategies I’ve used over the years that make the process easier:

1. Pack smart. It really does pay to keep it light. Leave your bunny slippers and sequined ‘I Love Paris’ sweatshirt at home. Pack as little as possible: plan ahead exactly what you will wear and take only that. Minimize bulky items, including extra shoes. Pack it all in a bag small enough to be carry-on. It not only saves you time, money, and blood pressure-raising conversations with airline staff if it’s lost, because you’re not checking a bag. It’s also less for you to keep track of. That frees up mental space that comes in handy especially when you’re tired or preoccupied with your upcoming meeting. One final note on packing: roll your clothes rather than folding them. It really cuts down on wrinkles, which means less work at your destination. Unless you find ironing relaxing, in which case wadding your clothes into tight balls works really well.

2. You can take it with you. Having something familiar and meaningful with you can be very grounding. It provides an instant visual that takes you to your happy place. Besides the usual photos of that embarrassing moment at the last family reunion, or your dog looking cute and guilty with a gnawed chair leg in his mouth, you can also carry a (small) piece of uniqueness with you to help ground you. I’ve carried small artwork with me that I then put on my hotel desk or night table. For a while, I carried a red metal moose with me (he’s the dude in the photo) when I was away a lot. He reminded me of home.

3. Shhhhhhhh. Carry noise-cancelling headphones on flights. While it’s soothing to know that the airplane’s engines are still operating, listening to the constant roar for hours can be surprisingly tiring. Reducing that noise, plus giving you the control of choosing what you listen to via your smart phone or tablet, cuts down on ongoing stress.

4. Track your numbers. Email yourself photos of any important documents that might be stolen or left behind. You can access them from anywhere in the world that lets you access your email, and speeds up the replacement process.

5. Feed your body and soul. Eat well. Move. Listen to uplifting stuff. That pretty much sums up my nourishment strategies on the road. Eating healthy food and not to excess can be a challenge, especially when meals are pre-chosen for you, e.g., at a meeting, or your client’s product is chili cheese dogs with all the trimmings (eat up!). Plan ahead for this by asking about healthy choices. (Organic chili anyone?) Next: move! Get up during your flight and walk up and down the aisle a few times. You do get some concerned looks if you do this hastily or linger near the cockpit door, but it’s invigorating and keeps your energy level up. Getting up early to walk or swim or work out is also so worth it. Finally, listening to music or a great talk or book that feeds you will support your Entrepreneur Energy.

6. Be your own VIP! Any small ways you can treat yourself really well on a business trip will help you not only feel better, but will build the confidence you need to perform well. How would you treat a visiting VIP? Apply this to yourself. It doesn’t have to be just the more obvious business class seats (frequent flyer points will get you these too) or airport lounge access (available via some credit cards if not through your frequent flyer miles). VIP treatment also means making thoughtful choices, customized to you. It can mean that you choose with care what and where you eat. You take some down time to watch Road Runner cartoons. You indulge in a great magazine or book that you don’t usually make time for. Look for small ways to delight yourself with thoughtful attention.

Business travel doesn’t have to be such hard work. By supporting yourself in these ways when you travel for business, you make the best use of your opportunities, money, and energy.

And hey, you might even have a great time!

Visit London in Style With a VIP London Tour

London is the capital of England and attracts millions of tourists each year. If your planning on visiting this great city, there are lots of ways you can see all of what London has to offer. You could go on some of the London tours and see all the main attractions, but you could be that bit different and go on a VIP tour of London.

The difference between a VIP tour of London compared to normal tours is that VIP tours can be customised uniquely for you. So if you’re not interested in seeing the Tower of London or Big Ben, Perhaps you have been there done that.. Well a VIP tour can be tailored to suite you completely. You can create your own list of buildings or places you want to see and put a time scale on each. Perhaps you want to spend a good couple of hours at one location. This isn’t a problem with VIP tours. With general tours you will be following a set route, seeing a set number of locations and you will all be on a tight time scale. This is fine and will suite many people but a VIP tour is more personal to you which will make you visit to London a much more memorable one.

Very few of us experience what it is like to be a VIP. Unless you become rich or famous and join our celebrity culture the only other way to feel a bit special travelling around London is with a VIP tour. You will be travelling in style, perhaps in a classic Rolls Royce, and with a dedicated chauffeur at your beck and call. You can still visit all the top London attractions but with a twist. You decide what you see and when. Perhaps your an avid fan of the Beatles or Shakespeare.. Well with a VIP tour you can be visiting the London eye in the morning and then visiting Abbey Road in the afternoon. Whatever YOU want to see and do is possible on a VIP tour.

If you have never been to London then a visit Buckingham Palace and watching the changing of the guard is a must. You can take a tour inside the palace these days and see the state rooms with all their exquisite artwork including works from Rembrandt, Canaletto and Rubens.

A trip to London is not complete without a trip to Trafalgar Square. It has a long history and today you can see public demonstrations and performances. One of the famous statues in the square is Nelson’s Column with the four bronze lions on the base.

Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, London Bridge, Kensington Palace and the London Eye are all top locations to visit. One location that you might not have thought about is London Zoo. It is one of the oldest zoos in the world an houses hundreds of animal species including reptiles and insects and marine life in the Aquarium. This is a great place for all the family.

Whatever you want can be had with bespoke VIP tours. There are only a few companies that offer these special types of tour, where as bus tours of London seeing all the usual sites are very common. Some companies will offer the full ‘shebang’ and pick you up from the airport and treat you like a VIP from the moment you set food in England. So if you think you would like the special treatment on your next trip to London why not do a bit of research, find a company that offer these types of chauffeured tours and plan the holiday of a lifetime.

Reasons for Booking Your Business Class Ticket Through a Travel Concierge

If you fly regularly for business or pleasure, flying first class can take the edge off the travel time with its great amenities. But landing a cheap business class ticket can be a hard. Airlines advertise conventional fares for these tickets and most people are unaware that it is possible to pay less for the same flights. Using a travel concierge service is a wise decision to make your travel time hassle free. Travel concierges have a number of benefits for the often last minute business class flyer:

Here are the services offered by travel concierges:

• Flight notifications
• Flight booking:
• Check-in assistance
• Fast track immigrations and custom clearance
• Luggage concierge
• Airport transfers
• Hotel bookings

Advantages of using a travel concierge to get your first class flight

• Cheaper flights; travel concierges have access to a database of different airlines plying your travel route and can land you much cheaper first class tickets. They also have discounted fare rates from airlines, allowing their clients to enjoy the luxury of business class while saving you a lot of money over time.

• Save time: travel concierges provide assistance for checking in and clearing customs therefore fast tracking the entire process for you and saving you the hassle of long cheque in and clearance queues.

• Ground concierge: by assisting with your luggage on the ground and providing other services such as airport transfers, you get a truly VIP travel experience.

• Last minute first class bookings: first class bookings are rarely available last minute and the extra charges can be avoided by booking through the travel concierge.

• One way first class tickets: these are also hard to get on most airlines and more so on short notice. They can handle such bookings for you.

With this in mind, traveling business class doesn’t have to be a reserved for VIPs only. Now you too can enjoy hassle free premium travel even if only for a one way business class experience by using a travel concierge service. In some cases, they are able to get you flights discounted by as much as 70%. The facilities and services attached to first class travel including the business lounge, in-flight wifi, gourmet dining and cocktails, reclining seats and entertainment systems are designed to make your journey memorable. All this makes your travel time comfortable with plenty of rest and peak productivity for those who like to get some work done while traveling.