VIP Accommodations in Jerusalem

For those that want to visit Jerusalem and stay in the most luxurious accommodations in the area, you may not have any idea where to start your search. To provide you with examples of the wonderful accommodations that are available, we have compiled a few of the most popular. All around Jerusalem, you can find VIP and luxury accommodations from villas to homes to penthouses. The most popular are a mix from those for singles to families so you can at least get an idea of the great opportunities that await you and your family.

The Yemin Moshe Villa offers two floors with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The villa is completely furnished along with a kosher kitchen. One of the best features is the two large living areas with spectacular views of the Old City walls. Appliances that are furnished include full refrigerator, oven, microwave, blender, radio, TV with cable/satellite, and DVD player. Other features that have visitors raving include the hot tub, deck, full parking, high speed internet, hardwood floors, wheelchair accessible, and air conditioning. Maid service is available for an extra charge.

K.D. Crown apartment comes in second place offering 3 1/2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, and will accommodate 7 individuals comfortably. These apartments are high class with a doorman greeting you at the entrance. The fully furnished apartment offers washer/dryer, microwave, oven, TV with cable/satellite, DVD player, and stereo. Other features that have this apartment on the luxury list include full parking, high-speed internet, wheelchair accessible, air conditioning, hardwood floors, kitchen, and magnificent views from your personal balcony.

Shaarei Hesed Villa is home only 5 minutes from the city center, 5 minutes from the Great Synagogue, 10 minutes from the Mamilla center, and only 2 minutes from bakeries, restaurants, and a supermarket, to name a few. The beautiful villa has three floors with 7 bedrooms and four ½ baths. Comes complete furnished along with blender, microwave, oven, full refrigerator, toaster, charcoal grill, grill, washer/dryer, CD player, DVD player, radio, stereo, telephone, fax machine, hair dryer, and iron. Other features that make this property very popular are the balcony, deck, hot tub, patio, high-speed internet, parking, air conditioning, and kitchen. Housekeeping and cleaning services are available for an extra charge.

The Elisha Penthouse is only a 4-minute stroll to Old City, the new Mamilla complex, and several gourmet kosher restaurants, parks, lounges, and the Mea Shearim St. Spas. The two story apartment offers 5 bedrooms and 4 ½ baths. Amenities include microwave, full refrigerator, toaster, washer/dryer, CD player, DVD player, iron, stereo, telephone, and TV with cable/satellite. Families love the extra luxury items, which include a balcony, patio, porch, beach chairs, gym, high-speed internet, hot tub, indoor pool, linens, and sauna towels.

These are only a few of the fully furnished luxury accommodations you can find on your search for a place to stay while in Jerusalem.

A Look at VIP Travel in Lexington SC

It is certainly true that in the world today each company is fighting to get a better price and policy to attract more and more customers. That certainly has become a pre-requisite rather than a desire. Where there is so much competition, each firm is required to do something to attract the attention of its consumers. The result is many attractive offers and prices; ones that are made to entice the consumers. Keep in mind that most of these offers are genuine and authentic. However, there are some among these that are well planned and fake. Which are created with the sole purpose of making money and NOT providing the benefits that were promised. These offers are termed scams and you need to be aware of them if you do not want to lose your money.

Travel Scams

One such scam that made a lot of money by duping innocent people was the VIP Travel Lexington S.C scam. VIP Travel was a sort of a travel organizing agency that enticed people to join its membership. Obviously, to make this happen they made very charming offers and did perhaps everything to get people to take their membership. The catch was they just never really made good on the claims they made. The result was that people lost money. Some of them took the membership but were not able to take advantage of it. They never got the tickets for air planes or arrangement for accommodation in places where they wanted to go. Some of them did actually go to places but were hugely unsatisfied with what they got. And even then they never received the promised discounts on any of the things nor were they given satisfactory accommodations. To make matters worst the people who did join and were dis-satisfied were never given their money back when they asked for refunds. It was then that the people decided to lodge a complaint against this company. After a complaint by almost fifty people, South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has finally filed a law suit against VIP Travel, for conducting unfair and deceptive practices in its solicitations.

Better Business Bureau Tips

The Better Business Bureau has offered guidelines to people to help them in not falling in the traps of such scams. Here are a few suggestions that they had to offer.

1. Before taking membership with any company, check for complaints filed against it with the BBB.
2. Even when you have joined in, make it a point to get offers and travel arrangements in writing.
3. Get written copies of cancellation policies. If your investment turns out to be a scam, it will be easier for you to cancel your membership with a written cancellation policy.
4. Lastly, pay with a credit card. Similarly, the chances of a pay back in case of a payment made by a credit card is more.

VIP Golf Trip Packages – 3 Tips to Book a Golf Vacation

Being an avid traveler may also put you in the class of people who like to golf and travel a lot, so VIP golf trip packages may be for you. Of course the probability is that you could just be the type of person who dreams of playing on many of the world’s top-rated courses. No matter what your situation may be it is more than likely going to be one of the best experiences you’ll have if you decide to travel and play the wonderful golf courses around the country. So here are three tips that may help you choose the right golf outing and travel package the next time you take a vacation.

1. When it comes time to buying your vacation tickets and packing your golf equipment you’ll probably want to experience the best possible golfing that you can at your destination. When you decide on your golf destination it is a great idea to contact a VIP Company within that city to help you arrange specifics for your trip. These companies can hook you up with some great deals.

2. So what exactly is a great deal when you are planning on playing a professional golf course? Well there are several things to keep in mind really. Checking to see what your options are as far as prices go for air tickets, hotel rates, and golf packages are will be one of the main things to think about. A good VIP company will be able to offer a numerous variety of golf packages while still making sure you get to play one or more of the local first-class courses.

3. What about when it comes to making tee times, arranging for golf groups, and organizing transportation? Your complete package should include these listed items plus some extras as well. Make sure that the business that you book your VIP tickets or passes with can give you complete details about what your package will include. A well experienced VIP company may also give you some good suggestions. These VIP companies will be able to share advice such as which clubhouses are the best and they will even be able to give you some advice on what courses offer the best amenities.

If you are organizing or planning for a winter golf vacation then you should definitely consider getting in touch with an experienced VIP Company. It is a good idea to keep the three tips above in your mind when you finally get the chance to speak with a travel representative from a VIP Company. You may also want to keep in mind that a golf vacation package will cost you anywhere between $300-$3000 depending on what type of specials and extras you throw in during your golf trip. Enjoy hitting some golf balls at your next golf destination.