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A Guide to Wedding Sand

A wedding is a celebration that marks the beginning of a lifetime journey of life and love. It is no wonder traditional union celebrations are marked during this ceremony. When these practices are included in your wedding it makes more meaningful and special. But, this does not mean that you must fit all these practices into your wedding. You can choose just one. The wedding sand practice involves even the couples families and can be included in the wedding celebrations.

Unlike other union ceremonies the sand ceremony is a very unique thought which makes a wedding become great. This is because it shows a more personal choice from the other ceremonies that are observed widely. The sand ceremony complements a beach wedding even if it can also be practiced in other deeper traditional weddings.

A sand ceremony might be a first in a family lineage. As a result making such a ceremony memorable is meaningful.
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During such a ceremony, a demonstration to show the union between the bride and groom is confirmed with sand. The bride is represented by one color and the bride by another to display their love for one another. Two sand vials are arranged.
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The bride and the groom come together after exchanging rings. In an empty colorless vase they at the same time pour in the sand as a symbol of the unity between husband and wife. This sand mixed symbolizes a husband and wife’s unity. This vase that both the colors are poured into and mixed show how a marriage all can be contained.

Both the families of the couple along with their grandparents are involved in the sand practice. Blessings come from the grandparents. There are different versions of the wedding sand ceremony with some including the parents to participate in the celebrations. This sand all poured together is a symbol of unity for couples and their parents.

The sand ceremony is the best part of the wedding is a highlight that will forever remind the couple of the ceremony. The sand ceremony practice will always remind the couple how all the family members were involved in the wedding ceremony.

The smooth running of a wedding comes after careful planning of a wedding. Including all the essentials of a wedding is key. This might include colored and uncolored sand and about four vials of sand without forgetting a vase that has cover. In some instance it is good to have painted or shaped vials.

For a ceremony to be accepted this must be the reason why someone decides to shop for the wedding sand so that it can be made easy. There are websites that are selling these items online. Compiling a list to enable one to compare designs and prices is made easy.

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