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How to Create Unique Logos

You’re here, reading this post because after so many years trying to market your business and attempting to build your own brand, you finally realize how important it is to have a good logo. It’s true that making a logo back in the day meant hiring a graphic artist to come up with something that’s professional-looking; but thanks to all sorts of online tools, most of which are free, creating DIY logos no longer requires spending money. All you need to figure out is how to ensure what you come up with is unique to your brand.

Find the Right Online Tool

Obviously, the first step in this logo creation process is to find the best online tool. You can choose a free tool or invest in a premium tool that usually charges less than $20.

Come Up With a Shape

You might have heard so-called experts telling you that you should first determine the right figure or text to put in your logo, but we believe that the shape is more important at least in this stage. The shape is vital because it will be the base of your design. Based on it, you will then start playing with the sizes, effects, and colors.

The Simpler the Better

Bear in mind that in creating logos, keeping it simple will do the trick. As a matter of fact, it’s a very common mistake for beginners to think about coming up with something very fancy. Truth be told, the only two things you need to spend a lot of time on are the shape and font. By insisting on the use of many colors and fonts, your targeted audience will most likely get confused as to what sort of message you’re trying to convey.

Copying is a Big No

Another important rule in creating a logo is to never copy a concept from someone else. This right here is the very essence of being unique. It really doesn’t make sense if you copy a logo or some elements of it because if you, you won’t succeed because consumers will just associate it with the bigger and more popular company that owns the logo you copied.

Be Sure to Think Outside the Box

Finally, be sure you think outside the box and leave conventional concepts and ideas behind. As a matter of fact, the very reason why brands fail in creating a unique logo that will stand out from the rest is because they don’t acknowledge the importance of deviating from what’s conventional and common. If you really are serious about your success in your first attempt to make a logo for your brand, then you have to dare to be different.

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